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I am the face behind Honey Lens Photography. I am a former model turned into photographer and i cannot wait to highlight your vision with my creative direction with you. With my experience in couple sessions, branding, and capturing the ideal moment- i am determined to make your pixels live up to the beauty of the raw moments. I focus on the details and express these with the heart of your story.

I reside just outside of the city of brotherly love aka Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but am willing to travel to capture all your pixelated needs.

I have some fun facts about me; 

  1. i love using emojis during conversations
  2. i have a dog named Teddy 
  3. i love my refreshing drinks on a hot day
  4. i live on snacks 


Photography for people who don't like posing for pictures through a digital format.

My photos are meaningful and magical for the passing viewer, it may not win awards for the most technically perfect and pretty picture, however, it will be unique to you, organic, generic, honest, spontaneous, and photographed with you in mind. my style is more photo journalism.

All the hugs, tears, kisses, smiles, laughter, banter, kids up trees, friends in hedges, everything that is important to you - they're your memories and all part of your wedding story, exactly how it happened.

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